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Matt Phillips

Your lead coach, Matt Phillips, has an uncanny ability to quickly diagnose and identify the most powerful points of leverage in rapidly growing businesses. Having worked with a range of entrepreneurs and executives, Matt has both the experience and expertise to help you find your unique fast track to business growth and sustainable success.

This skill set comes from Matt's unique base of experience both in and out of business.

Prior to launching his own entrepreneurial ventures, Matt served as an Australian Army Infantry Officer, leading soldiers in operational service in South-East Asia and the Middle East where he and his team received multiple commendations for exceptional performance under extreme hardship.

This decade long career in military leadership formed the backbone of Matt’s heightened sense of planning and execution at both strategic and tactical levels which ultimately transferred through to his, and his clients’, business success in the years ahead.

Matt also provided a period of service in the Western Australia Police Service which provided a key link to in transitioning rigorous military teaching through to civilian settings and eventually into business.

Fast forward several years and Matt now leads several of his own businesses including his Police and Military Career Preparation services and his Digital Marketing Agency.

Both of which continue to succeed today in terms of outstanding client results and millions of dollars in company revenue.

Accelerate Coaching is Matt’s opportunity to now help other business owners and executives in finding their own fast-track to success within their unique parameters of personal circumstances and specific market challenges. Matt has coached dozens of executives and business owners across Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, Thailand, the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland.

Matt’s Qualifications:

Your Support Coaches

As well as continued coaching with Matt, you will also be supported by relevant experts to assist in implementation or specific custom strategies relevant to your unique business obstacles.

These experts are here with ONE objective. To help keep you on your accelerated growth plan and make sure you hit your objective in the shortest possible timeframe.


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