Possibly like yourself, these entrepreneurs were looking for a way to breakthrough their own challenges.

Also, much like yourself, most of what they needed was already within their grasp. They just need the right coach to bring it to the forefront and unleash their true business potential.

TandEm CrossFit

Having exhausted almost all available time and money in other coaching and consulting options, Emma, came across Matt's coaching program and gave it one last shot.

Accelerated Growth Plan:
Revise core offering
Adjust marketing messaging
Automate and streamline the process for new leads to members
Change to a diganostic lead sales process
Implement aggressive social media marketing plan

Within a six months Emma had doubled her memberships and, perhaps most impressive, was that she acheived this growth during a time when CrossFit in her area was on the decline with other businesses in the area forced to close down.

Emma is now on track to hit her next goal which is triple her starting point.

Unreal VR

The team at Unreal VR were a relatively new business in a developing and competitive market of recreational virtual reality.

Accelerated Growth Plan:
Determine and narrow target market demographic.
Streamline the user experience with a new website.
Transition to marketing the 'outcome' of the service through enhanced messaging and key message video testimonials.
Restructure team leadership.
Expand concurrent volume service.

Over a period of 12 months UnrealVR increased their demand for services to apoint where they could invest in doubling their real estate, effectively doubling their capacity for concurrent users.

This domination of the market place resulted in significant increases in profit, again, at a time when other similar studios were closing down. They have now secured their position as Newcastle's #1 VR studio with the owner free to travel and even run the company 'virtually' from his overseas office.

Dave Pancham Consulting

Dave engaged in a Diagnostic series of calls and quickly realised that the direction of his digital marketing agency was headed to a place where he was finding little fulfillment and frustratingly variable results for his clients.

Even by the end of the diagnostic process, Dave was generating a more consistent results for his clients, attracting a significantly higher demand for his services and, most importantly, rediscovering the vibrancy of entrepreneurship in creating a business that truly aligns with his purpose and vision of a fulfilling and valuable business.

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