Are Business Coaches a Waste of Time and/or Money?


So to put this in context... I'm part of a few groups where some are learning to be "consultants" or "coaches"

And in one of these groups, someone was complaining (again) recently that there are a lot of people coaching people how to become coaches to coach people on how to become coaches.

Sooo good 😆

BUT as much as there are a lot of people standing back laughing at that... there are also a lot of 'qualified' consultants and coaches who are doing well at selling their services (or courses now) - but possibly at the expense of degradation in the 'quality' of coaching in favour of 'volume' of coaching.

And at the end of the day, it's still very much a 'buyer beware' situation because coaching is an unregulated industry.

So as we launch into 2020, if you're considering growing your business (or any other aspect of your life) here are a few useful questions that may help verify the suitability of any prospective coach.

Q1. Is it Context Based Coaching? This basically means 1:1 contact with you during the coaching. i.e. it's not just pre-loaded content with a "Facebook Group" where you can talk with other students (customers needing the same help!). As great as a library of videos can be, a good coach will spend 1:1 time with you to thoroughly understand you and your business and then make sure the coaching continues to fit your unique challenges.

Q2. Is it Data Driven Coaching? Beyond just setting goals, you've got to have a custom path mapped out and then a proven method of measuring it in a way where progress (or lack of) is staring in the face of both coach and client, which in turn triggers additional resources or even a change in focus to quickly get back on track.

Q3. Is the coach "Relevant"? There are two parts to this equation. Firstly, ask what experience do they have in business success outside of their coaching business. Then secondly, how recent was this? It doesn't necessarily need to be the same industry, but beware of "outdated" coaching methods or experience.

Q4. Do they have a support network to help you grow in other aspects when you bump into challenges that go beyond the coach's personal expertise? i.e. Is there depth to the coaching that saves you time and money in acquiring the relevant support as your business grows.

Ultimately, if these measure are in place and are plugged in to a well considered growth plan - you can greatly accelerate your business growth.

And without these things, coaching can easily deteriorate to a bunch of well meaning but ineffective 'conversations'.

The inspiration for this post really comes from my own varied experience in both being coached and coaching others. And the four questions above come my experience in hiring coaches and, more importantly, matching my skills and team to work only with the right clients in helping them growing their businesses.

If you're still reading this because you are looking for a business coach in 2020, feel free to book a call below and I can either offer direct coaching or, if it's not the right fit, connect you with a more suitable coach or team.


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