CRMs and Automating your business


5 Benefits of Automation

What's the purpose of automation anyway?

1. Connecting with people

It is important for your automation platform to allow a database of all your lead connections, whether they have been sourced from signing up to your newsletter, have registered with you but not gone forward with sale and for those that are looking to purchase your product or service. needs connect with a wider range of your local community.

2. Creating and Building Relationships

Advanced automation platforms can now let you contact your leads in the most convenient way for you. By having the ability to utilise text message, email and Facebook messenger, platforms are making it easier for business owners to reach out and gain or regain the attention of their leads.

3. Nurturing with Micro Commitments

This is basically about CONTINUED action. Micro commitments mean creating a very low resistance SERIES of actions for enquiries.

It means instead of one large action; we ask for a series of smaller actions. This makes it more likely that someone in a state of CURIOSITY will take enough action to show up. Especially if we add some scarcity about the availability of this offer. This translates to building a network/database of interested people beyond those who are ready to come in.

4. Show up and Sign up

Ok, so we’ve got more people interested in showing up, and ‘show up and sign up’ is more than reminder emails. It means adding steps between the booking and the actual appointment. Steps that increase commitment. Building rapport makes people more comfortable with making a membership decision on day 1. And all of this can be powered by automations across email and SMS.

For example, adding a single survey question after the booking asking for someone to write down their #1 desired result. This gets them associated to the real pain points or benefits they’re focused on. Another example is sending a video welcome message before the appointment.

5. Periodical Re-Engagement

Platforms that allow you to utilise a database reactivation style automation can increase your sales through old leads. Reconnecting with these previous leads, whether they are previous clients, registered their details with you or were prospective clients that you lost touch with, allows you to build your client base with those who are already familiar with you and your business.

Do you have the automation features that will get you where you want to be?


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