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Build your business on your terms through customised coaching programs. Your solutions will be as unique as your challenges. Our programs acknowledge this and ensure you get what YOU need to get your results FAST.

"Pay on Results" means we're literally invested in your success.

How does Accelerate Coaching have such a proven track record of success?
It's called 'Pay on Results' Business Coaching.

If your application is successful, you won't pay the full coaching investment until you hit your agreed financial target.

Simple. Fair. Effective.

Pay on Results Coaching

Our flagship program is our 'Pay on Results' Business Coaching.

Generally conducted over a 12 month period, this is a process designed to get your business "unstuck" and then rapidly build to your desired model in terms of what you are working on day to day as well as your revenue targets.

We are literally invested in your results because if we don't hit your agreed targets in terms of lifestyle and/or revenue we don't get paid our full fee.

Includes: Your business diagnostic, accelerated growth map planning, custom coaching app to track and measure progress, 1:1 coaching and specialist calls to guide execution of your business growth plan. Read more!

Sales Accelerator

You have a fantastic product or service but you just can't get it into the hands of your ideal customer.

Even if you've taken other sales courses, you've never seen anything like our accelerated diagnostic based sales process.

The Sales Accelerator has two simple objectives.

1. To automate and shorten your sales cycle, reducing the time spent to acquire each customer.

2. To increase the conversions meaning that you make more sales from your existing leads.

The Sales Accelerator program will deliver you a highly efficient sales process and the relevant training for you and your team to execute. Plus you'll discover a sales approach that actually feels good (instead of pushy) in selling to your prospective clients.

Powerful Leadership

Whether you want to empower your team to work better, faster, happier or all three - your skill in leadership is the single biggest factor in your and their success.

When you invest in Accelerate Leadership Coaching, you benefit from decades of hard-won leadership lessons from the battlefield to the boardroom from our Head Coach, Matt Phillips.

Not for the faint hearted, this program will push you to consider some uncomfortable truths regarding the real source of the problems you're facing in leadership in the workplace. This difficult but powerful process provides the launchpad to unleashing your true leadership qualities unique to your experiences.

Ultimately, this empowers you to develop and implement your own individual and natural leadership presence as part of this Powerful Leadership program.

This program also facilitates our ongoing personal performance and leadership development in constantly growing and improving yourself as a leader at home and in business. Read more!

Learn about our Team Management Skills Training


What people are saying...

Ridiculous! I can't tell you how relaxed I feel now. We've doubled our revenue.
You'd be an idiot not to do it.

Emma Bevan

MANY MANY THANKS AGAIN!! You were awesome, the event wouldn’t have been the same without you!

Senior Consultant

The calls are extremely helpful and what I've learned has helped me go much further much faster.

Dave Pancham

Well worth the investment in a new strategy and automation. We saw a rapid increase in revenue within a few months.

Arthur Mihail

Listen to Matt from the start! Seriously I learned a few harsh lessons through this process about our systems.


Love the level of attention and support you get that goes above and beyond other (more expensive) programs.

James Bartolo

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